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Want the energy to not only get through the day, but to ENJOY the day?

Create a BETTER balance with all types of food with sustainable, healthier habits!

For women who are ready to regain their energy

& feel good in their bodies and minds again. 

What I Specialize In

Creating roadmaps to help CRUSH your goals

Establishing nourishing, healthy eating habits

Maximize Energy

Body Confidence

Healthy Habit Building

Goal management to ensure your success

& busting through
mental road blocks

Meet Erica

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

I'm Erica & I've created Revive Your Tribe for women who are ready to take control of their health & happiness in a way that works for THEM!

I believe that nutrition is the key to a healthy mind & body. It's also the key to being able to make big shifts in other areas of your life! 

Nutrition is not a "1 size fits all" diet. We are all designed & built why would we all eat the same?! 

I teach women how to create a healthy way of eating that does not restrict certain foods, have them counting calories or feeling like they "fell off the wagon".  Having a healthy relationship with food is HUGE...eating should be FUN and fuel you through the day!

If you're ready to re-gain energy & feel good in your skin again keep scrolling down for more information!

I graduated from the Integrative Institute of Integrative Nutrition & am trained to help women make small changes in their daily lives that result in HUGE results. I can't wait to chat more with you!


Today is the day to start making positive, sustainable changes for you & your family's future. 

“I couldn't imagine my life now without having done this program. It was the kick I needed to learn to prioritize myself, make positive changes for myself & give my family a restart.”

- Jackie M.

I don’t know why, because I’m knowledgeable and am invested in my own personal wellness but nutrition and implementing that into my life always seemed overwhelming.  Tried diets and workshops. Read a lot of books and tried programs, but I needed a friend like Erica to make real lasting changes.  She was positive, checked in regularly but not in a “let’s measure, evaluate, and judge” way- in a supporting, “let’s build you up, what’s one win you got right this week in your lifestyle change?”  I’ve dropped my caffeine addiction and 3:00 sweets and snacks fix just  to build my energy back up after teaching and caffeine crash.  I increased my water and lost a very hard 8 pounds.  I look better and feel  great.  My time with Erica came to an end but I have a lifetime of resources and a new friend that will never go away! 

-Anita R.

I've always struggled with stressed-out eating, my portion sizes, and eating "empty" snacks, etc. I had been wanting to try a plant-based diet for a long time both for environmental & health reasons, and as soon as I saw the word "flexitarian" pop up, I thought - that's what I need to do to get started! With Erica's plan and weekly modules, I slowly but surely removed animal-based foods from my diet and found amazing substitutes, ways to liven up my vegetables, and began to shift my mindset from "fast and easy" to "good food takes time." Instead of buying bagged snacks, hummus or salad dressings, I now make everything myself (including crackers!), and it honestly tastes so much better, having full awareness of what's in my food. Now I am so excited to say that my plant-based lifestyle is here to stay. I feel healthier, my family now knows all about plant-based eating, I know how to order in restaurants when needed, and the length of the program really solidified my new eating habits. Erica was kind, supportive, excited about my progress and ideas, and helped me stay accountable to my goals. I really appreciated her wisdom and insight throughout the program, and am so grateful to her for helping me achieve my goals and build healthier habits.

- Sarah O.

I think what I really enjoyed about working with Erica is that she takes you from where you are, finds out what your current situation is and helps devise a plan built on the strengths that currently exist in your program and in your family.

Today, I am completely off dairy products. I started trying new alternatives to milk until I found a couple I really enjoy. I still like creamy tasting milk, so coconut milk is my new go-to. My evening snacking has declined significantly by identifying what I was missing in my lunch and breakfast preparations each day. I was missing grains and some proteins earlier in the day that was causing me to binge on sweets in the evening. I have completely fallen in love with the

oatmeal in a jar soaked in my almond milk. I eat that almost every day. I am a creature of habit! I love veggies at lunch, and she helped me add some grains to keep me full but not drowsy in the middle of the day.

I highly recommend Erica if you are looking for a gradual, permanent, and successful food-style change that fits your family!

-Cassandra P.

“I love that the program is completely personalized to your own goals & that even if your goals change the foundation of support & knowledge carries through. I'm sleeping more soundly, I have load more energy...standing straighter, feeling fitter, several pounds lost & my skin never looked better!”

- Emily P.

Working with Erica was exactly what I needed to find the balance I have always been lacking when it comes to nutrition, fitness, & self-care.  She has helped me sort through the emotions and thought processes that have prevented me from being successful with any prior attempts at becoming "healthy".   The modules cover all aspects of health, many of which I never considered before as being so important to my well-being.  I love that the focus is on progress (not perfection),  and that each and every little win along the way is celebrated together! In addition to the mindset shift, there have been so many other benefits from her program I have achieved ~ inches/weight lost, increased strength and endurance, more plant-based style eating, remarkable improvements in my bloodwork, and much more! I am so thankful for all of her knowledge and support helping me along my journey to health!

- Rene E.

It's time to stop dragging through the day, wishing for a nap. There's life to be lived!

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