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2022 Nourish Workshops

Eating to feel good in your skin, manage your weight & regain your energy.

About the workshop:

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The way we eat is not a “1 size fits all” concept. Foods that make one person feel amazing may make another feel awful. In this workshop we’ll talk about how to eat a personalized, healthy diet that is not only simple to keep up with but easy to make & leaves you feeling energized, able to manage a healthy weight & best of all has you feeling good in your body (and mind!). 

We’ll talk about what a plant-based diet is (hint, you do NOT need to cut out meat & dairy!) & its benefits; as well as how to start eating in a way that feels good to YOU today! 

No restrictions, no counting calories, no dieting…it’s time to enjoy food on a level that leaves you feeling amazing again! 

TBD...email ReviveYourTribeRoc@gmail.com for workshop dates (will update site soon!).