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Find your balance with healthy habits

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Do you have trouble finding a balance between creating healthy habits & either becoming obsessed with them or not being able to keep up with them?

I've felt both ways & neither is fun. It leads to constant feelings of failure, frustration & being stuck. Nobody wants to feel like that!! First off, I want you to remember that no matter which category you fall into, to be kind to yourself. Stop beating yourself up for not doing the healthy thing, falling off track with the healthy thing or doing too much of the healthy thing!! The fastest way to get yourself into stuck mode is by talking down to yourself. So be aware of how you're talking to your self & the words you say in your head & out loud. Cheer yourself on for the good things you're doing, forgive yourself for the "mess-ups" (ps - there are none) & move on! In order to find a better balance, you need to start small & become uber aware of how those small steps are making you feel. When we do "all the things" all the time, it's impossible to sustain. When we can't keep up with our goals, it's because we've taken on too much or have set goals that aren't realistic. The solution: start small & test as you go. Take 1-2 small steps every day, or even every other day! Notice how you feel & keep going or tweak to make it better. Schedule your time for the habits to take place throughout the week if it's too hard to keep a daily schedule. This way when Monday goes to shit, you have spots throughout the week to make up for it! This will take some of the guilt, pressure & frustration off your plate. If you find yourself becoming obsessed with your goals, then work in a few days where you take a break from them. Find something to replace it that makes you feel good, but is also fun or relaxing. Realize that the world doesn't stop when you don't do your healthy habit & that working other healthy things into the mix is good for you too! Give yourself permission to not do everything every day. That way you don't burn out but you also won't feel bad when you can't keep up with it or have a few days that you "fell off the wagon". Nobody is perfect. Nobody can do it all every day. Make a do-able plan, follow through & if it doesn't go 100%, be kind to yourself...there's always tomorrow. Your worth is not linked to achieving your goals every day!

Erica xo

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