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In A Funk? 3 simple steps to feeling good again...

It happens. Sometimes it's an event that triggers it, other times you just wake up...well, in a FUNK.

That damn grey cloud that hangs over your head, heavy on your chest and follows you wherever you go. We've all be there...and we'll be there again at some point in time.

I used to sit in my funk and just do NOTHING. It would immobilize me which only meant that I sat in it longer than I needed to.

Once I found my freedom with nutrition, being physically active & self-care, it gave me the power to do something about those moments when I felt off as well. If I had the power to take control of my lifestyle, well then this shouldn't be any different...right?!


So here are a few tips I've learned along the way that I hope helps you out as well.

1. Feel your feelings. Don't push them away, but acknowledge them and let yourself feel whatever it is you're feeling. Define it - are you angry, upset, jealous, sad?

2. Make the commitment to yourself to help yourself feel better. Once you're ready to feel better tell yourself you're ready and commit to taking action to get you back on the right path.

3. Make 1 small step that will put you in the right direction. For example - call up a good friend or take the dog for a walk. Experiment with which activity makes you feel better with certain feelings. If I'm frustrated, I walk my dog so that I have time to think, breathe and make a game plan in a quiet environment. If you're upset, calling your sister or good friend might do the trick.

*** Once you make the first step the second step is SO much easier so keep going!!***

Lots of little steps will propel us back to where we need and want to be. <3

Here are some ideas that might help get you going:

Get active! Go for a walk, run, hit the gym...burn that grey cloud to pieces!

Spend time alone. You might just need room to think and breathe!

Help someone in need. Helping others is a sure fire way to increase our mood.

Make someone smile. Create a fun environment to boost you up.

Create. Work on a project, draw/paint, write...get creative in any way that makes you feel good.

Tell me...what gets you out of a funk??

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