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Not enough time in the freaking day...

If you find yourself constantly thinking, "There's not enough time in the day to do something for ME!" then you're in the right place!

I used to say this to myself ALLLL the time. And to be honest, once in a while I say it now! But here's the thing. You control your day. You are the one who decides what & who is welcome into your day and what/who is not. YOU are responsible for how you spend your time (on a "normal" day). Do you see the power in that?! That right there is like opening a door to FREEDOM! First things first see this post for step 1. Now that you have your priorities in order, let's find you some TIME mama! How are you spending your time? Take a CLOSE look at how you're spending your time. And I mean CLOSE. How many minutes a day are you scrolling on FB/IG? Are you checking email too often? Going to bed too late? Cleaning the house so it's *perfect* every day? Find those time-sucking activities & scale back on them (kick them to the curb if you can!). Use that time towards the things that are on your priority list (back to this post). How do you schedule your time?

Are you more comfortable scheduling your day in your phone/planner? Or are you better at winging it? How is it working for you? If you're feeling like you're stretched for time, try shifting how you schedule things in. For instance try time blocking (more to come on this). This way you can make sure that what's important to you is in the books & won't be pushed aside as the day goes on. What are you doing with your time that you hate? Now, some things we can't avoid. Wether it's taking the kids to swim lessons (ugh the locker rooms!), or work (ha!) there are times when we just have to be an adult and do the un-fun thing. However, there are times when we can say "no" to things, yet don't because we'll feel bad if we do. Not loving spending time with a certain friend? Say no next time or start limiting the time that you do spend together. It doesn't make you a bad person, it's honoring what you need for your mental health & time. If you spend all your free time doing things you're not into, that's time wasted that could have been spent filling your bucket. Don't shortchange yourself! Tackling schedules/chores/to-dos with your partener: this is GOLD. I know I said there are some things we can avoid doing because it's just part of being a parent/adult. However, there's nothing wrong with figuring out a trade-off schedule with your partner so that you take turns doing the un-fun thing. Or even just taking turns to free yourself up once in a while! Here's a few examples: take turns making dinner, putting the kids to bed, taking the kids to activities/parties, doing chores. This has been *magic* for me. My husband and I have figured out a schedule where we do all of these things. On Sunday we chat about what's coming up in the week & what our schedules/to-do's look like. Then we figure out who can take what. Is it perfect? No...but here I am writing blog posts & social media plans while he's putting the kids to bed. Like I said...it's magic ;) And vice versa. I make dinner M-F while he makes dinner on the weekends (amen!). Sit down & have the conversation...find a way to make it work for BOTH of you! Once you've done these things, I guarantee you've found yourself some time! What you do with that time is totally up to you, but I highly recommend doing something for yourself that will make you smile, connect you back to yourself & find your calm. <3

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