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The Domino Effect | My Solution to Weight Loss

You want to lose weight. That last freaking 10-30 lbs of baby weight just WON'T come off...I hear you. I was there. I was there...and I was TIRED. I wanted that weight to come off, but I didn't have it in my to get to the gym, let alone go for a run or an extra walk here or there. I didn't have the energy to figure out how to eat better. I didn't have the energy to figure out how to manage my stress. I didn't have the energy to get me to where I wanted to be.

So nothing changed. After a run-in with some bad turkey and a VERY angry stomach that wouldn't go away, I had no option but to re-vamp the way we were eating (and I thought we were pretty healthy!). About 2 weeks after changing the way I ate my energy skyrocketed. I ate well and the energy came back! I felt great! Yes, there are still days where I'm tired...we have little kids, 100% energy isn't possible. But MAN...I have so much more energy than I used to. *When my energy came back I was able to get myself into a good fitness routine (and eventually became a spin instructor). *When I started workout out regularly I was able to deal and manage my stress in a new, effective way. *When I dealt with my stress, I slept better...which means I gained patience and even more energy. *When all of this happened...the weight came OFF. *Quickly, and without frustration*. When you eat clean, it creates this amazing domino effect in your life that propels you to success...and then some. Yes, you lost the weight and you also gained an overall really healthy lifestyle. That's something that will not only set YOU up for a healthy life but your kids. -boom- It doesn't get much better than that!! So if you're stuck on the weight loss, consider working with a health coach to help put you on the right track. You're worth it...the healthier YOU are, the healthier your FAMILY is. PS - Eating clean doesn't mean giving up ANY food group, including sugar. Moderation is always KEY. Reach out - ReviveYourTribeRoc@gmail.com - I'd love to chat!

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