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This is how to create a life that lifts you UP!

Often I hear people talking about how busy they are. How they want to slow down, take more time for themselves (yes to this!) , more time to focus on their health (double yes!)...and wishing that life was more FUN (absolutely!).

It happens to the best of us, & it's SO frustrating! I've been there, which is why I can help you get out of there & living like you want to. If you feel like you're not living the life (on the day-to-day) that you're dying for, let's take a look at your priorities & actions. This can be tough for some, but it's really important if you want to uncover what's going on. Remember to be kind & patient to yourself! 1. Make a list of what your current priorities are. These can be found in the things you do most days. Vacuuming every day? That's a priority for you. These are things you choose to do (doing 5 load of laundry, watching TV every night etc), not things that have to be done (like potty training, feeding the kids lunch) ;) 2. Make a list of things you want your day-to day to include. Ex: exercising, meal-prepping, chatting with a good friend, playing with the kids, finding a new hobby. I want you to also include emotions in this. Do you want to feel happier? More confident? Have more energy? 3. Take a look at list 1 (current priorities) and see if those actions will create the actions & emotions in list 2. Most times they don't. If they did, you wouldn't be reading this post! Let it sink in that you control your actions and your actions control your reality. If you want to SEE change, you need to MAKE change. Spending too much time with people that weigh you down? Say no thanks next time & spend that hour working out or researching a new online class to take. Heck take a nap! Do whatever is going to refuel you and give you joy. Spending a large part of every day cleaning the house? Do 1 load of laundry, run the dishwasher & do a quick pick-up...then move on to something that's going to get you into the life you want. While chores have to be done, they don't ALL need to be done every day. Try doing a bite-size of a few chores every day. Or designate 1 day to doing most of the chores, freeing up your week. Everyone feels differently about this so do some testing & see what works for you. What I can tell you is that when you look back on your life you won't regret cleaning the house more often!! And lastly, start small! Don't dive head-first into this new list of priorities. Swap out 1-2 the first week & see how it goes. Then add on when you're comfortable. Big changes take time if you're going to sustain them! This can be quite the process, but it's totally do-able, especially with a little help. If you're interested in getting into this a bit more, reach out at ReviveYourTribeRoc@gmail.com. I'd love to chat!

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