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This is why you should practice gratitude

Looking for a simple way to start shifting your mindset? Try practicing gratitude!

lly look at the world, think about the decisions you make, the outcomes you receive & thoughts you think. It's generally categorized by either having a Growth Mindset (I can grow, change, get better...) or a Fixed Mindset (it is what it is & I can't do anything about it). However I like to get deeper into it by looking at how your mindset effects your daily moods & decisions. Many moms are looking for that lighter life. To be happier, more positive, less stressed & to have more fun. And they should be able do be all those things! But first we have to do a mindset check. Are you constantly seeing the negative in life? Are you wishing things were different all the time? Are you quick to assume things won't work out for you? Are you putting yourself down every day? These are just a few questions to ask your self. If the answer is yes, then think about making a few small changes in your daily routine to re-set your mindset! *Note - having a positive mindset does NOT mean you need to always be positive & happy. That's just not real life. Get mad, upset...whatever the emotion is, then move on & shift your mindset. This gets easier with practice. Remember...this is a practice!! It takes time to shift your mindset! Practicing gratitude for what you have is SUCH a powerful tool to use. I used to think "yea ok, but that doesn't change my situation." It does something BETTER. It changes how you perceive & react to your situation(s). When you can change the way you think, feel & react to your environment, life gets lighter. And when you start thinking in a way that supports a lighter, more positive life...you start to make decisions that align with those feelings. That's when things will really start to shift for you!

Here are a few ways to practice gratitude: 1. Every morning before you get out of bed (I do this as I'm falling asleep too!), think of 3 things you are really grateful for. It can be anything from the delicious coffee you had to the health of your kids. It's easy, meaningful & takes 60 seconds. 2. Re-align your thoughts. When you find yourself thinking, "I'm so ticked that my schedule didn't go as planned today." Re-align to, "Today didn't go as planned, but I still have 15 minutes to do something for me before bed. I did my best. Tomorrow I'll make a better plan & be flexible if I need to." 3. Appreciate the little things. Take extra care to notice the little things that make you smile in your day. Did you notice the beautiful bird or blue sky during your walk? How about the neighbor who waved to you on your way out to work? What about the cute smile on your little one's face first thing in the morning? There's SO much to love in your day...don't move so fast that you don't see it! When you shift your mindset, life will change for you. Yes, it takes time, patience & practice but if you really want to see a change, you have to put the effort in! As always, if you need help, reach out to me at ReviveYourTribeRoc@gmail.com - I'd love to chat! Erica xo

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