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Trying to kick your sugar habit? Here's how!

Sugar. It's the best and the worst! Tastes so good but man it does a lot of damage short & long-term. I'm glad you're interested in how to get rid of, or at least lessen the amount of sugar your eat! Reducing the amount of sugar you eat improves your health significantly (less disease, more energy!). Here are a few ways I recommend cutting back: 1. Become aware of just how much sugar you're eating. Reading labels and doing the math on what you're consuming will be eye-opening! Women should not have more than 6tsp, or 25g of sugar per day. Start doing the math! 2. Ditch your sugar-loaded mid-day snack for a healthier snack. Try apple slices or plain shredded wheat bites (cereal) with nut butter, or cheese & grapes. How about peanut butter banana-kale smoothie? You'll find these snacks much more fulfilling & still tasty! 3. Reduce the sugar in your coffee/teas slowly. I used to add 2 hefty tsp to my small coffee. Now, I have 1/2 tsp, or none with a sweetened creamer. Cut back 1/2 tsp each week so your tastebuds ease into it...you'll be surprised how good it will still taste! Also opt for sugar-free or all-natural creamers. 4. Swap cereal for an oatmeal bowl! See my facebook posts for how I make overnight oats: www.facebook.com/revive_your_tribe. Cereal is SO sugary, even the "healthy" kinds. Try a veggie loaded whole-wheat bagel with fruit or even a hot bowl of soup for breakfast! 5. Decrease the amount of the treat you're eating. If you're at a party, have a small piece of cake instead of your usual large piece! Instead of having ice cream and cake, just pick 1. This way you still enjoy the treat, but are cutting back on the sugar. By cutting back on these things, you'll notice less brain fog, more energy & still be fulfilled. In the Detox group I ran, most members noticed some weight loss, less aches and pains & a clearer mind. The effects of cutting sugar is endless...what do you notice when you cut back??

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