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Revivers Online Membership

We'd love for you to join our Online Membership Community! If you're looking for a place where you can get consistent help while you create a healthier balance with food, this is it. You'll be surrounded by women who are on the same journey as you, receiving help throughout each month in ways that work for YOU! 

When you join our membership you will receive:
*Online Group Coaching Calls
*Online Q&A/Hot Topic Calls
*Online Workshops

*Local (Rochester, NY) Meetups

*Recipes Galore
*5 Phase Mini-Course on Healthy Eating 
*Private FB Group

*Guest speakers

(More to come as we grow!)

The Energized Woman
1:1 Coaching

The time to start focusing on you & your health is NOW. Check out the details of my programs below!

The Happy Flexitarians.jpg

The Details...
$450 (subject to change)

Work with me 1:1 as you make your way through my The Energized Woman program (Regain your energy in 60 days!). I will be fully available to you for guidance, support, questions & accountability! 

Together we will find a healthy balance of eating in a way that works for you! We'll go over shopping healthy & on a budget to meal prep, life giving foods, portion sizes and more. 

By the end of the program you will:
*Be able to power through the day and ENJOY it!
*Feel confident in making healthy food choices (meals & snacks & eating out!)
*Have more energy to do all the things you've wanted to do (work out, play with the kids!)
*Start loving the body that you're in. 
*Rest easy knowing you're fighting (and possibly reversing!) disease. 
*Feel healthier on the inside & out (bye bye digestion issues!! Hello clear skin!).

*Manage your weight.

PLUS, get FREE access to the Membership for the duration of the program (60 days)! Discounted rate if you join after your 1:1 is complete!

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