The Energized Woman
1:1 Coaching

The time to start focusing on you & your health is NOW. Check out the details of my programs below!

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The Details...
$650 (subject to change)

Work with me 1:1 as you make your way through my The Energized Woman program (Regain your energy in 60 days!). I will be fully available to you for guidance, support, questions & accountability! 

Together we will find a healthy balance of eating in a way that works for you! We'll go over shopping healthy & on a budget to meal prep, life giving foods, portion sizes and more. 

By the end of the program you will:
*Be able to power through the day and ENJOY it!
*Feel confident in making healthy food choices (meals & snacks & eating out!)
*Have more energy to do all the things you've wanted to do (work out, play with the kids!)
*Start loving the body that you're in. 
*Rest easy knowing you're fighting (and possibly reversing!) disease. 
*Feel healthier on the inside & out (bye bye digestion issues!! Hello clear skin!).

*Manage your weight.

1:1 Coaching Calls


Not sure you need the whole program, but want help in a few areas? I offer a 3-pack of 1:1 Coaching calls for you to use anytime you like.


These are great for accountability, getting your questions answered, working through how to achieve your health goals & additional support. 

All calls are 1-hour each via Zoom.